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Comprehensive Eye Check Up

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Get a complete eye check up to ensure that your eyes are doing well. As stated in Sanskrit “Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam” which means among all sense organs eyes are most important. By taking care of the health of your eyes, you are enjoying better health for now and for a better future.

When you choose a comprehensive eye checkup facility, your doctor will check your eyes for eye diseases to ensure that you are not developing any such vision impairments. For this purpose, few tests are conducted to diagnose and treat you.

For the purpose of test, it is considered to take individual patient history (signs & symptoms) along with the tests such as visual acuity, refraction, retinoscopy, measurement of intraocular pressure, color blindness, auto refractions, aberrometers, slit lamp examination, pupil dilatation, eye health evaluation and retinal examination.

Tests you need to consider:
  • A visual acuity test using the Snellen Chart
  • A cover test, that allows you to cover one eye so that the doctor can evaluate how your eyes are working properly
  • A stereopsis test for the purpose of testing your depth perception
  • Ocular motility test for the purpose of testing movement of the eyes
  • Refraction test to test for refractive errors
  • A slit lamp exam to check the shape of the eyeball and spot any irregular bumps or shares.
  • A slit lamp exam to study the shape of the eyeball and to spot any irregular bumps or shapes
  • A pupil dilation test to take a deep look into the eye and to check for any internal eye diseases
  • Glaucoma puff test

Although there are many tests available for comprehensive eye exam, your doctor will guide you through the process for the necessary tests for you and avoid those that are not necessary.

Eye exam done by Optometrist, who are medical doctors conduct a diagnose refractive errors and eye dysfunctions.

It is recommended that you should get a comprehensive eye exam at least once in two years. For children and people over the age of 60, and those with the existing conditions, should receive a checkup to monitor their changing vision scale.