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Welcome To Clear Vision Lasik & Laser Centre

Best Lasik and Laser surgeon Hyderabad.

1)We are using most accurate system for Corneal Analysis tests (Topo Tests) For pre Lasik Evaluation & other Corneal analysis

2) World Class ZEISS Excimer Laser System for Lasik Surgery for removal of spectacles and contact lenses surgical treatment for short sight (Myopia), long sight(Hypermetropia), Astigmatism and (Presbyopia).PRK, blade lasik & Myopia Hypermetropia Surgery to correct the & Astigmatism and (Presbyopia).

Our experienced team of Doctors and Staff will provide quality treatment, personal care and better services to our patients who are visiting our hospital all over from hyderabad, Telangana State and other states of India.

Welcome To Clear Vision Lasik & Laser Centre

About Our Doctor


Dr.N.Naveena, MS (Ophthalmology), Chief Refractive & Phaco Surgeon of Clear Vision Lasik & Laser Centre. She has Fellow ship in Phacoemulsification from Shankara Netralaya, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Fellow ship in Glaucoma from L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana. She has been trained in Premier institutes and her area of specialization extends to the management of Refractive, Cataract, Glaucoma, and Corneal disorders. She has been practicing as an anterior segment consultant since 20 years and performed many Lasik & Laser surgeries, PRK Surgeries, C3R Keratoconus, ICL Surgeries, Cataract Surgeries.

Dr.N.Naveena is Chief Consultant and Medical Director of Clear Vision Eye Hospital running the hospital successfully since 20 years. She is the best Lasik and Laser surgeon, Surgeon and Cataract surgeon (Phacoemulsification Surgeon),Dr.naveena has performed many Lasik Surgeries, C3R (Keratoconus), ICL Surgeries and Cataract surgeries, to various patients from Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharasthra, Karnatak. All are satisfied with their eye treatment and Eye vision.

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