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Blade Free Lasik Surgery(Intralase)

Blade Free Lasik Surgery (Intralase)

LASIK procedure corrects vision and nearly 96% of patients achieve their desired vision. Due to the use of numbing drops, LASIK causes mild pain, but you will experience correction in vision immediately a day after LASIK. Further, there are no bandages or stitches required to be in use after LASIK. In future as well, if the patient is in need of adjustments to correct vision due to the ageing process, even after years of LASIK, corrections are possible and these are very easy. After receiving LASIK, the majority of patients experience a major reduction in the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses and they no longer need to wear them.

You can avoid wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses

Blade-free LASIK Surgery is the most accurate and safest performed by surgeons that reshapes your cornea with a laser.
This brings an excellent benefit of seeing clearly without the requirement to wear your glasses or contact lenses after the blade-free LASIK.

Corrections are easily done for those who have shortsightedness (blurred vision when seeing things at a distance),
farsightedness (blurred vision to see things closer) and astigmatism (when everything appears blurry).

Customization of vision correction

Blade-free LASIK is safe and effective and it is one of the most commonly in practice procedure. This being an advanced procedure, without using a metal blade, it improves the customization options that bring more precise vision correction.

A laser beam is used to perform the cutting of the cornea and the creation of the flap. The level of customization enables not only in providing a better vision to the patient, but also surgeons are more comfortable due to the unobstructed view of the cornea.

The Process

The process begins when you visit our clinic for a consultation. In consultation, we will review your vision correction needs, and discuss your laser eye surgery options.

You will also have a prior-to-the-operation visit for taking specific measurements of your individual eye for the procedure of customization.

On the day of your procedure, we will prepare you for blade-free LASIK surgery and after the procedure is complete, there will be a brief recovery period.(24-48hours)

Bladeless-LASIK is an outpatient procedure which means you can go home on the same day.

The recovery process begins on the day of surgery and you need to make follow-up visits to check on your progress. As healing progresses and vision stabilizes, there is a longer gap between each follow-up visit.

As our patients receive excellent and meticulously detailed treatment, (we bring you the best correction vision), that after the blade-free LASIK surgery, you will be able to see from the next day onwards and you can resume to your normal daily activities within a few days and your eye is completely cured in 3 months.

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